160806(7) All Night Nippon R – Taemin (In Progress) (0:00~23:17)

160806(7) All Night Nippon R: TAEMIN (0:00~10:23) (1)

Taemin: Audrey’s (O-do-ri) Wakabayashi-san, Kasuga-san, thank you for your hard-work! I’m [so] nervous! But I’ll work hard!

6o6: ~Taemin’s All Night Nippon R~

Good evening (night)! Tonight’s All Night Nippon Gold is brought to you by Taemin. I believe there are people [here] that is learning about me for the first time (it’s my first time seeing) so I will introduce myself. I’m usually active as SHINee, with Onew, Jonghyun, Key and Minho, but I made my solo debut in Japan this July. I’m talking by myself today. Although I am working hard in studying Japanese, I still have a long way to go; I’m sorry (I apologize) if I make any mistakes. Although I’m really nervous, I will work hard to make these 2 hours a enjoyable one until the end. So for tonight’s All Night Nippon Gold (ANNR), I’d like to talk about all kind of things on how things are (have been) since becoming a solo artist and listen together to a lot of music that I love (and such). Since I’d like to talk about different kinds of  fun stories, a comedian who will help out for this program will be coming over. I wonder who it is~, It’s exciting (we’re looking forward to it). Also, during the broadcast, please tweet with the hashtag ‘annr’. Then, for Taemin’s ANNR after this, until 5 AM, I will work hard so everyone, please treat me well!

Then, then I’d like to go ahead and would like everyone to listen to Taemin’s solo debut song. Then please listen to the lead song from the first mini album “Sayonara Hitori” released as a solo on 7/27. “Sayonara Hitori” by Taemin.



-Sayonara Hitori Plays-


Taemin: The song you listened to just now was Sayonara Hitori. This is a song I loaded my will and ambitions into as an artist.  It’s a song through which I wished to show something new, never done by anyone else before  but, uhm, I think the melody with an oriental feeling and the delicate lyrics distinctive of Japanese lyrics are impressionable. But the dance has a really powerful feeling, there’s a strong appeal of contrast (gap) [between the two]. Also, I think this song can be considered as an ‘oriental EDM.’ I’d like many people to listen to it — I’d like everyone to listen to it each thinking about the people they cherish. Then, to Taemin’s ANNR, until the end, please LisTAEMIN (Ki-i-T(a)emin)[1].

[1] LisTaemin: KiiT(a)emin. In Japanese, ‘Kiite’ means ‘listen’ so he made a pun with it using his name. Similar to “Boku no namae wo Itt(a)emin!”

Taemin: This is Taemin. Tonight, we’ll talk in plenty about this and that, and many things. Please listen until the end.

Taemin: Once again, good evening (night), this is Taemin. Well, here, like I mentioned earlier, the person who will help me with the program is here so I would like to call him [in]. He is comedy trio “Panther” Mukai Satoshi.

Mukai: Hello, thank you, this is ‘Panther’ Mukai-! Please treat me well-!

Taemin: Thank you very much-!

Mukai: Speak of the devil, I’m ‘Panther’ Mukai. Please treat me well.

Taemin: laughs

Mukai: (Do) you even memorize expressions like “Speak of the devil”?

Taemin: Ah- yes, yes. Just before, um, I was talking with the staffs in the car, and I memorized that, the word.

Mukai: You must have been talking some kind of gossip then. That means.

Taemin: Yes

Mukai: How is it? I I kind of act as a the tsukkomi** for Panther, a kind of  a three member group[2]comedy-trio.

**Apparently called the ‘straight man’ in comedy. I’m not familiar with the english term, but it’s essentially the person who points out the ridiculousness his partner’s action/words. I think a good example from SHINee is how key is when  OnJong2Min fools around and Key responds saying something like “What are these guys doing!?” In this case, OnJong2Min are acting as the “Boke.” Key’s “tsukkomi” is mild, but he’s the member who acts as the “tsukkomi” in SHINee most frequently, especially in Japan.

[2] Three member group comedy trio sounds redundant but he say exactly that. In the Japanese “trio” is a loan word, so the “three member group” is supposed to be explanatory.

Taemin: Ah~ yes yes.

Mukai: Uhm, firstly, do you know [a group] called ‘Panther’?

Taemin: Of course. I’ve met you 2 years ago back stage.

Mukai: You remember?!

Taemin: Ah, yes.

Mukai: So, HA-PPY! Yes.

Taemin: Laughs

Mukai: At [an event] called Tokyo Girl’s Collection–

Taemin: That’s right, that’s right, that’s right. Yes, yes, yes.

Mukai: — in 2014, we were kind of an MC–

Taemin: Ah- yes yes

Mukai: — we hosted [the event], and at the time, SHINee-san performed at the very last.

Taemin: Yes, yes, yes

Mukai: You remembered?

Taemin: I do remember! Although I didn’t think it had already been 2 years at all. Time [goes by] fast.

Mukai: (Laughs) Gee, your Japanese is good.

-Both Laughs-

Mukai: Normally, people wouldn’t be able to carry small talk this fluently (smoothly).

Taemin: Ah, no no.

Mukai: Is it true? *He went back to what the were talking about earlier

Taemin: Ah, yes, yes, yes.

Mukai: I’m so happy! That’s right, exactly at that place I was able to [work] with you

Taemin: Yes

Mukai: At that time, I watched SHINee-san’s stage from the stage wing. You [all] were ridiculously cool-

Taemin: Ah-, thank you very much.

Mukai: –Your dancing and singing

Taemin: Eh, no, no, I [we] still have a long way to go

Mukai: Then after you all finished your stage,

Taemin: Yes

Mukai: We went out on to the stage like this, and commented “Gee, that was (you were) really cool-!”

Taemin: Ah~, Thank you verasdfkjlkdf *He mumbled at the end

Mukai: And we were like “Man~, we really want to join SHINee~”

Taemin:  You can [join SHINee] 6v6

Mukai: like this…No, no, no…Eh?! Join?!

-Both laughs-

Mukai: I got admitted[3]? Just now.

[3] I got admitted: I was confirmed to join?

Taemin: Sure, sure.(I’m fine with it)

Mukai: I mean, you’re not supposed to say “Sure.” At that time, an audience sitti-, um, watching from the very first row

Taemin: Ah- yes, yes

Mukai: -said in a loud voice “It’s impossible! [to join SHINee].” I remember being told by that by a girl at the time

Taemin: Ah~ really~?

Mukai: Ah- but since Taemin-san already said “It’s fine~” so, from today onwards, I’ll go as SHINee then-

Taemin: Ah- yes, I think it’s fine but- 6v6

Mukai: laughs

Taemin: [You should/can] ask the other members

Mukai: Eh- wait,wait, wait. There’s no way [they’d be] okay with it. Really.

Taemin: (Laughs). I’m okay with it 6v6

Mukai: Ah- thanks. That means ask the members afterwards then?

Taemin: Ah, to the members already, today —

Mukai: After you go home today [and ask], I might be able to join

Taemin: Ah- yes, yes. Then, umm…then you can try asking the president (CEO) of the company/agency~

Mukai: Of course I’d get rejected there. I’ll be told by the grown ups, “what are you saying?”

Taemin: Ah~ It’s a joke 6v6

Mukai: Well~, Thank you very much for calling me here.

Taemin: No no, Thank you very much as well.


Mukai: How is it? Doing a radio alone like this.

Taemin: Yes, I’m not confident with radio and talks even in Korea either.

Mukai: Eh?!

Taemin: I don’t even go on radios that often.

Mukai: [being on radio] is a rare event then.

Taemin: That’s right. That’s right. Yes.

Mukai: But the sight of  you speaking [talking] so intently-

Taemin: Ah~

Mukai: my maternal instincts…well, I mean, I don’t have it.

Taemin: Laughs

Mukai: I don’t fundamentally possess maternal instincts but..

Taemin: Yes

Mukai: It was like [my maternal instincts were] stimulated

Taemin: Eh- to the point of [your maternal instincts] being stimulated

Mukai: Yes

Taemin: Laughs

Mukai: Even [my maternal instincts] were stimulated

Taemin: Aiwoo (Aigoo*)

Mukai: For about how long have you been studying Japanese?

Taemin: Already 5 years? Have passed since we debuted in Japan-

Mukai: yes

Taemin: Recently, talking a lot with the staffs around me, I think I’ve improved  a little bit more? But…

Mukai: You have, you have. I mean, [saying things] like Kii-Taemin (Lis-Taemin), well to say, a Japanese puns..

Taemin: yes, yes

Mukai: Do you know “Dajare (word-pun)”?

Taemin: Ah, I already know, I already know.

Mukai: Are there any other puns  you know of?

Taemin: Ah~actually, I’ve said “Boku no namae wo It-Taemin (Say my name)!” like this on stage..then the fans

Mukai: I see, I see

Taemin: The fans were all “Taemin~ (imitating high pitched voice)”

Mukai: I see so, there are these kind of (puns using your name)

Taemin: Yes, yes

Mukai: Ah-, I think those are really nice, after all. Like Kii-Taemin (Listen) or It-Taemin (Say it).

Taemin: Yes

Mukai: Yes

Taemin: But isn’t it like an old-man? Is it fin–

Mukai: Ah, do you mean like an old-man gag?

Taemin: a gag

Mukai: I mean, I think [they’d] be happy with these kind of things

Taemin: Ah, is that so

Mukai: The japanese audiences (fans)

Mukai: Ah- for example, do you perhaps know any gags by a Japanese comedian?

Taemin: Ah- of course. For example, after hearing [someone suggest doing] something you don’t really want to do, so you can’t raise? Your hands–

Mukai: Ah~ Yes, yes, yes

Taemin: –Right?

Mukai: When it becomes kind of like “Who’s going to do it?”

Taemin: When [everyone goes] like “Who’s going to do it?”  The four of them [says] “Me! Me! Me”, then the remaining person will also say, “Wah? Oh? I also [want to]”

Mukai: Ah, can it be THAT? This one.

Taemin: then after [the remaining person] raises his hand…

Mukai: Ah, yes

Taemin: [the four that raised their hands first will go] Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead (Do-zo, do-zo, do-zo)!

Mukai: It’s definitely that

Taemin: laughs

Mukai: Dacho-Kurabu (Ostrich Club/Fraternity)’s![4]

[4] Name of the comedian group

Taemin: Ah, yes yes yes

Mukai: Go ahead, go ahead, that’s amazing! You know how to do “Go ahead, go ahead” ?

Taemin: Ah, well, it was really fun watching it on a program, yes.

Mukai: ha—-, Do you know any others? By a comedian?

Taemin: i don’t really know others..

Mukai: Not really…For example “You can’t~ you can’t, you can’t~ [No~, no~, no~] (Dameyo~ dame dame~)[5]”

[5] I believe Onew’s done this gag before.

Taemin: Ah-! I’ve heard of that.

Mukai: Ah, really?

Taemin: yes, yes, yes

Mukai: Those kind of thing, If you maybe memorize them then the Japanese audiences (fans) will get livened up.

Taemin: Ah- you’re right. –[6]

[6] He said a word/phrase here but I couldn’t make out what he said.

Mukai: For example, do you know “Thank you-! (Sankyu-!)” ?

Taemin: Thank you?

Mukai: Shouting “Thank you-!” is kind of a gag that my partner Ogata says (uses)

Taemin: Ah- yes, yes, yes.

Mukai: Do you know it?

Taemin: i know, I know.

Mukai: That’s a lie right? Definitely (a lie)! You don’t have to force yourself, I think you definitely don’t know[7]

[6] He said a word/phrase here but I couldn’t make out what he said.

Taemin: (Laughs) I know it. Actually just before, I searched online and watched it

Mukai: Laughs

Taemin: I forgot it for a second, Eh, eh? um…I got too nervous

Mukai: (laughs) Then you watched it to some extent?

Taemin:  Ah- yes yes.

Mukai: Thank you

Taemin: Ah- no, not at all

Mukai: It makes me happy. Well, so, today, we’d like to ask various stories (questions) from Taemin. Regarding Taemin-san’s solo’s….charms!

Taemin: yes, yes

Mukai: That’s right. We’d like to explore [his charms] to the point that [one might think] “[you’re] going to go this far?”, Then should we go ahead and do this?

Taemin: Yes! Uhhh, ah.

Mukai: Your signature phrase!

Taemin: Yes

Mukai: Are you ready?

Taemin: I’m good.

Mukai: Let’s go

Taemin: Yes

Mukai: Together

BOTH: “Please lis-Taemin (Kii-taemin) until the end!”



160806(7) All Night Nippon R – Taemin 10:23~23:07

10:23~10:38 (Music)

Taemin: This is Taemin. Following my Japanese solo debut, I also made my radio solo debut! I’m feeling more nervous right now than when singing.

6o6: Taemin’s All Night Nippon R~


6o6: Taemin’s All Night Nippon R~

Taemin: Tonight’s All Night Nippon R is brought to you by Taemin, who made his solo debut in Japan. And, the one who will help me…uuuuuh 6o6 that’s not it

Mukai: Laughs

Taemin: And, the one helping me is this person!

Mukai: Thank you- hello- I’m ‘Panther’ Mukai. Please treat me well~ Because you said “that’s not it” I thought ‘what am I going to to do?’

Taemin: hahaha

Mukai: That’s right. I’m ‘Panther’ Mukai. No, but it’s fine. You’re [very] proficient in Japanese.

Taemin: No, not all, not all, not all

Mukai: You are speaking much more fluently than my partner Ogata-san. You’re very (extremely) good. Please treat me well from here on as well.

Taemin: Please treat me well.

Mukai: Well then, for this hour, it’s this!

-”To Taemin: Q&A”~!

Taemin: Whoooo!

Mukai: Then, we’ll have you answer [these] questions to learn about Taemin in more depth. We’ll throw questions at you one after another so without thinking too hard about them, [please answer them] immediately, as fast as possible.

Taemin: Ah~ yes

Mukai: Please answer in that instant [okay].

Taemin: I got it.

Mukai: Yes, then let’s go ahead [with this], start!

-Gong sound-

Mukai: What you like and dislike about yourself?

Taemin: The part I like about myself are “eyes”

Mukai: eyes!

Taemin: And the part I dislike about myself is “personality”?

-Both laughs-

Mukai: This one-, I’m curious about [this one]. I’m going to ask about this later. The next question. What is your habit you always end up doing?

Taemin: I um, I say “Tonikaku (anyways)” often. I say it.

Mukai: You end up saying the word “Tonikaku (anyways).” I see.

Taemin: Yes,yes,yes


Mukai: Now, the following question. What did you want to be when you were small?

Taemin: Pilot?

Mukai: Pilot. I see. When did you laugh most recently?

Taemin: Now? (Laughs)

Mukai: Now? This makes me happy-. Then continuing, When did you cry recently?

Taemin: Eh-? Never (I haven’t cried).

Mukai: You haven’t cried?

Taemin: Yes, I haven’t cried.

Mukai: I see. Eh-, Taemin, who likes anime, an anime that you like?

Taemin: Eh.. One Piece!

Mukai: Nnnn~, One piece, next, Taemin, who also likes games, a game app that you like?

Taemin: Ah-, TsumTsum!

Mukai: (laughs) TsumTsum.  What do you want to do if you become invisible (man)?

Taemin: Eh-? (laughs)

Mukai: C’mon, quickly!

Taemin: I’m sorry! Wait, ah-, ah-

Mukai: Well, you can go anywhere

Taemin: Ah-, I want to bully the members

Mukai: (Laughs) a prank you mean? Maybe it was a mistake for “prank”? Then, the last one! Your motto?

Taemin: Umm, 진인사대천명 (jin-insadaecheonmyeong / Do your best and let the heavens do the rest ) is? My, ummm, motto.

Mukai: Well~, that was the end. I’m a bit curious about a lot of the, like the for the last one–

Taemin: Yes, yes

Mukai: You answered in Korean! Well, let’s look back [on the answers] starting with the very first one. The parts you like about yourself are your eyes?

Taemin: eyes

Mukai: For eyes, what about your eyes that you find nice?

Taemin: Although this is a bit embarrassing,

Mukai: No, I mean this is about a part of yourself that you like so-

Taemin: I think when I’m on stage and perform, my eyes are very attractive

-Both laughs-

Mukai: No, I mean, this is really true.

Taemin: I’m sorry.

Mukai: It’s really true. Well, I mean, this is probably something everyone thinks.

Taemin: Ah, the listeners might disl-, dislike (hate) me but….

Mukai: No, [they] don’t dislike-, everyone likes you

Taemin: Mmmm

Mukai: Afterall your eyes, do you think that your expressions (face) change when you’re on stage compared to [how you are] are usually?

Taemin: Yes, they change. I think they change completely.

Mukai: Eh-, do you like the eyes you have when you’re standing on stage more after all?

Taemin: But, I think they’re quite attractive (Laughs)

Mukai: Although it’s quite embarrassing to say them yourself, it’s really true. Like this right now, meeting you and getting to talk with you, your eyes are really cute when you’re talking. But when you get on stage, your [eyes/expressions] probably get a little sharper

Taemin: Ah- you’re right. (laughs)

Mukai: But amongst your members you think “I have the best eyes”-

Taemin: [Mine are] the most attractive

Mukai: That you have attractive eyes. No, this is important. It means that you have this kind of confidence in yourself.

Taemin: Ah-, yes.

Mukai: Since it’s a part of yourself that you like.

Taemin: Yes.

Mukai: You gave quite an answer on the other hand for the part of yourself you dislike

Taemin: Aah~

Mukai: Personality?

Taemin: That’s right~

Mukai: Yes

Taemin: Ummm, when I do [TV/Radio] programs I just

Mukai: Yes

Taemin: Although it’s already been 5 years since our debut, I get nervous even now, I quite dislike [this personality].

Mukai: You’re the type to get nervous?

Taemin: Ah- yes yes. When I have a job that isn’t on stage, I lose confidence, and end up getting nervous. – I have this kind of personality. So, yes.

Mukai: Then, do you actually get really nervous for radios like this (after all)?

Taemin: Yes, and then, normally, although my Japanese is still lacking, but I think I can speak at least better than this (right now) but I can’t so it’s frustrating (modokashii)[1].

[1] Modokashii – Frustrating in the sense that…you aren’t able to do things as imagined, things doesn’t go as planned

Mukai: I see~. I mean, the fact that you’re able to use the word “modokashii” is a show of how well you’re able to speak/use Japanese[2].

[2] the point at which you’re able to use the word ‘frustrating (modokashii) you’re able to speak/use Japanese really well.

Taemin: No, ah, no no. Thank you~.

Mukai: Do you have a way of relaxing yourself when you’re nervous?

Taemin: Ummmm, although I know I have to speak slowly [3]

[3] Although I know unless if I speak slowly, I can’t do it

Mukai: Yes

Taemin: Even if I say in my head ‘Speak slowly Taemin’, I can’t speak slowly if I get nervous

Mukai: Ah, the little Taemin inside of you

Taemin: ah~ yes yes

Mukai: even if [the little Taemin] is telling you ‘you can do it slowly. Go slowly”

Taemin: I can’t control myself

Mukai: Ah~eh, but you seem very calm

Taemin: Is that so

Mukai: Yes, but you’d like to fix that part of yourself a bit

Taemin: Yes

Mukai: You don’t like that part of yourself?

Taemin: Yes yes, kind of a personality that lacks confidence? Yes yes.

Mukai: Hoe~ But when you get on stage you’re like bam![4]

[4] Bam! : to explode with confidence. Act bold

Taemin: But

Mukai: and you become confident

Taemin: yes, but like, rather than a stage, even if I go on stage, if it’s a [tv] program, then I get quite nervous then too[5].

[5] rather than a stage, even if it’s a program, if I go on stage, I get quite nervous then too

Mukai: Heee~

Taemin: But I’m fine during concerts

Mukai: I see.  You end up getting a bit nervous for [TV] programs

Taemin: Yes, yes

Mukai:  Besides that, your personality

Taemin: mmmmmm, yes

Mukai: do you like them (your personality)?

Taemin: mmmmm

Mukai: Besides how you get nervous

Taemin: mmmmmm, I think [my personality] is quite okay[6]

[6] I’m quite okay with [my personality]

Mukai: ‘okay’ (laughs)

Taemin: laughs

Mukai: Well, definitely, talking to you, you’re very easy to talk to

Taemin: Yes

Mukai: Yes. Then for a habit you end up doing often, you end up saying the word “tonikaku (anyways)” often

Taemin: Ah-, yes. Like, when someone talks [to me], I’d say soullessly “Oh…really. Well, for real? Mmm, anyways[7]” often

[7] Really (↘) as in “Is that so” not “Really (↗)?”

Mukai: like your mind is elsewhere

Taemin: Yes, yes ,yes

Mukai: like while you’re spacing out (mindlessly)

Taemin: Yes

Mukai: You end up relying?

Taemin: Without putting my emotions, I just say it?? often

Mukai: Heee~, a bit half-heartedly, not half heartedly but, you end up replying by reflex

Taemin: Ah-, yes.

Mukai: And within those, the word ‘tonikaku (anyways)’ comes out quite often?

Taemin: Ah, yes. Like, when there isn’t anything I want to say? A word to give some kind of reaction?

Mukai: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Ah-, I see, then when you’re talking with the members you end up saying this quite often

Taemin :Yes, when I listen, when the members talk to me, [I say] “Ah~, hmm,mm, anyways, mmm.”

Mukai: Wouldn’t it be good to talk with them a bit more properly? Like, wouldn’t it be good to talk to them earnestly (seriously)?

Taemin: Ah- you’re right.

Mukai: Ah-, but you’re the type to space out quite often? Kind of like..

Taemin: Yes yes, like when I’m thinking, I lose concentration without even noticing, there are often times when I’m imagining other ideas?

Mukai: Ah~ I see

Taemin: Yes, yes

Mukai: Even, if others are talking, you end up thinking about other things for a bit

Taemin: Yes, yes, yes

Mukai: so the word ‘tonikaku (anyways)’ comes out often

Taemin: Yes, yes

Mukai: Yes

Taemin: Umm, I originally like extreme sports?

Translator/staff: extreme sports (with JP accent)

Mukai: Extreme sports?

Taemin: Ah

Translator/staff: has thrill…

Mukai: Yes, yes, yes

Taemin: I like things that are thrilling

Mukai: Yes

Taemin: Yes, so from long time ago,

Mukai: Yes

Taemin: I wanted to fly?

Mukai: Yes

Taemin: Even on TV, a Jet plane (Jetto-Hikouki)

– checks with the translator-

Mukai: Jet plane (Jetto-hikouki), a jet (Jetto-ki)

Taemin: a jet?

Mukai: yes

Taemin: Seeing [someone] fly a jet I thought it seemed really fun, it was my dream just a bit

[8] he meant that he “kind of” wished to become a pilot, as in it was not a firmly set goal.

Mukai: Haa~, until what age did you dream of becoming a pilot?

Taemin: About 12 years old?

Mukai: Until then, you wanted to become a pilot?

Taemin: yes, yes

Mukai: Haa~ then how did you [decide on] this career (profession/job) from there

Taemin: When I was about 12 years, my friends and various people? around me, ah, yes, everyone told me “[Please] become a singer (or something)!” Although I already wanted to become a pilot…

Mukai: Yes

Taemin: I kind of started to like to dance and sing

Mukai: Yes

Taemin: I got a recommendation so I auditioned

Mukai: So, the others recommended you (told you) “why don’t you try [becoming a singer]?”, – and then now

Taemin: Yes, yes

Mukai: Then if you weren’t recommended like this, then you would have been a pilot

Taemin: But I’m not that confident in studying (laughs)

Mukai: That’s true, I think there are a lot of things you need to study if you want to become a pilot but – you’re not that good at studying?[9]

[9] Studying isn’t really your forte?

Taemin: Ah-, yes. I’m not really good at it.

Mukai: Laughs

Taemin: I wasn’t very good at it

Mukai: Well, but do you like these extreme sports even now?

Taemin: Yes, yes, so because of that, when I travel overseas, I go skydiving and paragliding and etc

Mukai: You like these kind of things?!

Taemin: Yes, yes, I like them. I like things with thrill

Mukai: Eeh~, but for example, sky-diving is scary right-

Taemin: Ah-, but it’s scary. It’s scary but it’s fun. LIke the thrill, I really like it, yes

Mukai: Then you’re completely okay (not scared by) with, for example, thrill rides and roller coasters at amusement parks?

Taemin: Ah- I’m fine. Yes.

Mukai: Have you ever gone on ones from Japan?

Taemin: But, as one of my dreams right now,  it’s to go to Fujikyu…

Mukai: so small!!

Taemin: Ah- yes,

Mukai: Your dream’s so small! You can easily go to a place like Fujikyu!

Taemin: Ah- but, I’ve never been there, I really want to go.

Mukai: Ah-, well then, let’s go next time. To Fujikyu!

Taemin: Ah, yes. Let’s go!

Mukai: Together!

Taemin: Ah-, sounds nice~

Mukai: IS it okay?

Taemin: Ah-, of course.

Mukai: There are amazing/crazy [rides] like Fujiyama and Dodonpa

Taemin: Ah~,is that so. hearing rumours/stories about it, I really want to go.

Mukai: Then this, then, you like these kind of things.

Taemin: Ah~, yes, yes

Mukai: thrill [rides] and etc

Taemin: Yes, yes

Mukai: I see. Now then! For the question “When did you laugh recently?” you [answered] “Now!”..

Taemin: Yes, Umm, I naturally have this smiling face…or rather, I, yes, I’m often smiling even normally (*in private life/outside of work and etc)…

Mukai: Then you’re basically smiling most of the time?

Taemin: Yes, yes. And even if I’m listening to a story that isn’t funny (interesting), for me, it’s funny[10]

[10] He actually said “I’m funny”

Mukai: Ah~ then that means, then it’s possible that you’re not enjoying this even if  you’re laughing now[11]

[11] Then a possibility remains that just because you’re laughing now, you’re don’t find this funny

Taemin: Ah~~, no no. It’s not, no, no, no, no, no, no, It’s not

Mukai: This makes me nervous (my heart-race)

Taemin: That’s not what I meant..

-Both Laughs-


Audio: J Radio

Trans: Mredwardsanders


T/N: I’m not sure if you noticed but his co-host repeats almost everything Taemin says by rephrasing them. I think he’s doing it both for himself and the listeners to avoid misunderstanding Taemin. His JP can be a bit difficult to understand at times, part of that coming from how he uses expressions that were probably translated literally from Kr to JP. I think most MC’s do this quite often to summarize what the guest is saying though (rephrasing what the guest said). It’s just that Mukai did this much more frequently than your average host/MC. It could be just his style of carrying a talk^^;; I don’t know him very well. This is for anyone who might have been bothered by how he just kept rephrasing/repeating what Taemin had already said.


-The question marks mean that Taemin was unsure if he was saying something correctly in JP.

-His co-host has a tendency to say “to an extent”, “kind of”. I didn’t include all of them in the translation. Also he says “nanka kou” which means “kind of like”

-I cut out quite a few “yes, yes” “ah- yes, yes” by Taemin maybe more than usual

-Also, Taemin has a new(?) habit of saying “mou” which means “already”


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