[TRANS] CanCam 2016 August Issue

[TRANS] CanCam 2016 August Issue

[PG 223]

(From left in the photo) Key, Jonghyun, Minho, Taemin, Onew made their Korean debut as a 5 member group in 2008, and their Japanese debut in June 2011♥ Last year, they successfully completed their Tokyo Dome 2 Days performance, a dream of both the members’ and the fans’! In 2016, they held a tour for their 4th Japanese Album “DxDxD” that reached 1st placed on the Oricon chart, consisting of a 16 stop arena tour, and an additional 4 days at Kyocera and Tokyo Dome, totaling an attendance of 350,000♪ Their live performances —  their dancing always at 120% and exploding in harmony of the five members — is great enough for young Japanese artists to admire! Meanwhile, their closeness — their live MC interactions that are said to be a bit too intimate(laugh)!? — captivates fans from all over the world ♥ 

SHINee 5 Years Special Talk 


—  The five’s charms that are enhanced by piling on top of each other —

Already 5 years since their Japanese Debut SHINee who’s deepened their bond with time, year by year, of course with each other but also with their fans.The colorful ingredients piled on top of each other like a “sandwich”They’ve been creating a unique* “flavor” that only SHINee can create.We’ve asked them* about the time leading up to the present and from now onward. 

*「唯一無二」Unique: could also mean unrivaled, unmatched, one and only
**「そんな彼ら」Them: a more literal translation is [such people]

[PG 224-225]



Japanese Debut 5th Anniversary Inquisitive ♥ Talk

The five that continue to grow even after performing on their dream stage, Tokyo Dome! We we will talk frankly about their live performances and their ideal types*

Your second time performing at Tokyo Dome!
Slightly different feeling than the last time♥

CanCam: For last year’s Tokyo Dome performance, the five of you crying together left a strong impression!
Jonghyun: It was really fun. I really felt that I wanted to perform at that place again.
CanCam: Did anything change “before” and “after” doing a Dome performance?
Key: Since we really just returned to our normal daily lives the day after finishing our performance [at Tokyo Dome]… (laughs). I didn’t notice** any significant changes, but we (as five) were really thankful for being allowed to stand on such a large stage.
Minho: I felt this while doing this year’s tour but since we’ve experienced performing at a Dome once, we were more relaxed, right?
Taemin: Before, I thought I needed to be perfect on stage so I would feel down when I made mistakes, however small….During the concert, I used to constantly think about [the mistake I made], but recently, I am able to refresh/change my attitude quickly!
Onew: Really (Surprised)!? As for me, I am constantly bothered on stage, but the moment I get off stage, I forget (laughs)! Once I sleep, it’s all OK!
Key: For me, honestly, I can’t sleep on the day I make a mistake.
Minho: Not only on the day of the performance/live, but I’m the type to dwell on my mistakes until the next concert/performance. So I’m actually*** quite nervous until I perform the part I made a mistake on during the next live performance.
Jonghyun: For me, it depends on the kind of mistake**** and my conditions of that day. But I’m more nervous than everyone thinks on the day of a concert (laughs)! The fifteen seconds before the first line of the song? Maybe the five seconds before is the peak?
Taemin: I am also nervous during the intense dance parts, around “Everybody” for this tour. I am always scared!

*理想の女の子 Ideal types: the literal translation is {ideal girls}
**大きく変わった{感覚}はなかった Notice: the literal translation is {Sense of} “I didn’t have a sense of any significant changes”
***内心 actually: literal translation is {at heart}
**** 失敗した内容 kind of mistake: literal translation is {content of the mistake}

Chattering* constantly on stage♥
[We’re] constantly healed by their atmosphere!

CanCam: By the way, you five have a lot of skinship during lives but whose [shoulder] is the most “comfortable shoulder to place your head on”?
Jonghyun: Eh (Surprised)!? I don’t do things like that (feign ignorance with a cute expression)!
Minho: You do (laughs)** For me, it’s Jonghyun-kun’s shoulders!
Key: Me too! The height is just about right (laughs)!
Taemin, For me, Onew-san is comfortable!
Onew: Me too! It’s Taemin-kun~♪
CanCam: Then, lesser known*** aspects of the members that you find cool?
Onew: Taemin-kun played the piano for my last year’s Tokyo Dome solo stage but his [side] profile at the time was….♥really handsome [ikemen] (laugh)!
Taemin: That’s too specific (acts a bit shy).  As for Minho-kun, Manager-san showed me a picture he took with his phone and he was handsome**** (laughs)!
Minho: This is embarrassing…..,which reminds me…(when) I heard Key-kun reciting his lines at the hotel before! I was a bit moved!
Key: Eh~ (Surprised & flustered)!! You can hear it!? Um…for Jonghyun…let’s see…how he’s shameless***** (laughs).
Jonghyun: That’s my line! Onew-kun’s cool aspects are….
Onew: Of course there is one right? Right?
Jonghyun: (laughs)! There is! There is! When you’re singing ballad at the end of lives!

*わちゃわちゃ Chattering: lively, cheerful, but somewhat messy?
** してるよ(笑)! You do!: It’s ambiguous whether he meant “I do!” or “You (Jonghyun) do!” because the original text in Japanese lacks a subject
*** 超マニアックな lesser known: The literal translation is {super-maniac}, but its meant to ask for cool aspects of the members that no one else other than the members or whoever is answering [hence only a “maniac” (geek/otaku) of the said subject] would know about.
**** それがかっこよかった he was handsome: the literal translation is {that/it was cool} but I made the assumption that Taemin was talking about Minho in the photo and not the photo itself.
***** 図々しい Shameless: can be used to describe people that ask for a lot without intending to give much in return = isn’t really affected by how he might be troubling others…

“For the 5 years of SHINee, we were always together with everyone”

“Thank you♥ Together from now onward as well”
[PG 226]


His smile is no doubt world peace★
Healed by his kind singing voice and character!

Q. A girls’ summer fashion that you find cute?
A: A skirt? one-piece dress? It’s very standard but a skirt! Dressed in a soft and cute manner is nice.
Q.If you were to compare love with food?
A: Chicken ♥ Because I love it I thought I’d think (remember) about it no matter how much I eat.
Q: What is your current phone wallpaper?
A: I haven’t changed my settings, so it the default pictures from how it was  when I bought it.
Q. What kind of make up do you find cute on girls?
A: If it suits her than anything (everything) is cute ♪
Q. Which SHINee song best showcases your individual character?
“Moon Drop”

Heart skipping a beat because of his overwhelming vocal prowess and
the gap between his crying and smiling face

Q. A girls’ summer fashion that you find cute?
A: A girly summer skirt-style is cute as expected (right)! I want to go on a date together ♥
Q.If you were to compare love with food?
A: Snacks! There are times when I want it but there are also times when its not absolutely necessary
Q: What is your current phone wallpaper?
A: A picture of my family ♥
Q. What kind of make up do you find cute on girls?
A: Lip makeup that suits her! The mouth (area) is sexy and makes my heart skip a beat!
Q. Which SHINee song best showcases your individual character?
A: “Excuse Me Miss”

Overflowing with sensuality on stage
But he’s actually an eternal grade-schooler!?

Q. A girls’ summer fashion that you find cute?
A: Denim jeans and a simple white t-shirt ♥ This is every man’s (guy’s) dream (laughs)!
Q.If you were to compare love with food?
A: Appetizer. No matter how much I eat, it’ll only arouse my appetite, and I wont be satisfied!
Q: What is your current phone wallpaper?
A: A picture of myself that was taken at a photoshoot for an photo album.
Q. What kind of make up do you find cute on girls?
A: Not too thick, natural [make-up]! Maybe the eyebrows are the (main) point?
Q. Which SHINee song best showcases your individual character?
A: “Because of You”!

Seriousness always at 150% !!
A handsome man but extremely playful

Q. A girls’ summer fashion that you find cute?
A: Hmm~. It’s hard to choose* but a healthy shorts-style (I think)
Q.If you were to compare love with food?
A: Maybe breakfast ♪ It’s because when I wake up every morning I can’t help but think “I wonder what it is today?” “[I wonder] how it is [today]?”
Q: What is your current phone wallpaper?
A: James Dean’s photo!
Q. What kind of make up do you find cute on girls?
Pretty eye makeup! the kind that will make me feel like I’m getting sucked in (laughs).
Q. Which SHINee song best showcases your individual character?
A: “Wishful Thinking”

Hats off to his good sense that leads our century!
Sharped tongued but is actually easily moved to tears

Q. A girls’ summer fashion that you find cute?
A: I used to like stylish people in the past but recently, I also like New Yorker-like Sporty fashion style**.
Q.If you were to compare love with food?
A: Ice Cream! When I need it, I definitely need it, When I want to take it out [of my diet], I want to take it out [of my diet]! I like vanilla but recently I like green-tea [flavor]!
Q: What is your current phone wallpaper?
A: An artwork I found online!
Q. What kind of make up do you find cute on girls?
A: Red lipsticks!
Q. Which SHINee song best showcases your individual character?
A: “View”. A song I’d like to sing forever!

*悩む It’s hard to choose: The literal translation is {troubled/worried}
**スポーティモードなN.Y.っぽい感じ New Yorker-like Sporty fashion style: The literal translation is {New York-ish Sporty mode style}.
[PG 227]

Their newest song “Because of You”★
A certain member is flooded with complaints…!?

CanCam: Moments when you thought ‘because of you’?
Onew: I haven’t been able to sleep enough recently because of key-kun (laughs)! Because he practices his lines loudly in the hotel room next to [mine]; it was loud I couldn’t sleep!
Key: Please stop joking~! Liar~! I’m not being that loud (laughs)!
Minho: No no! I also heard it.
Key: Eh~! I’m pretty sure Manager-san was in the room next to mine.
Minho: Nope! I was next to Key-kun! (*They continued to argue)
Taemin: Um….Isn’t there anything else (laugh)!?
Minho: There is! Recently, Jonghyun-kun is too cute that I’m happy everyday♥
Key: That’s not a complaint at all (laughs)!
Minho: The expressions he makes casually, like when he goes “nnnh~!?” is cute so I’m kind of troubled!

Their true thoughts explode★

“This much is NG”-List that they would like to ask of girls

CanCam: Then, what kind of girlfriend will make you think – I will go crazy ‘because of you’! -?
Jonghyun: A person who borrows [asks for] money from me is troublesome (laughs)! It’s troublesome so I have to break up!
Onew: (laughs)! For me, someone who eats more than I do! It’s cute when [they] eat a lot, but if [they] eat more than I do, I would be worried [they] would end up with health problems.
Key: That’s trouble (laughs)! As for me, on the other hand, someone who doesn’t eat! I don’t know what to do with a person who doesn’t eat!
Onew: a light eater and someone who over-drinks and overeats are…..dangerous(laughs)!
Taemin: hmmm….I wonder what it is for me…(thinks hard/has a hard time) I guess I can’t handle someone who curses?
Minho: I can’t handle that either!
Onew/Jonghyun/Key:  Me too (neither)!
Minho: For me, someone who drinks more than I do!
Jonghyun: Also, someone who can play soccer better than Minho-kun is a no right (laughs)?
Minho: Ah~that’s also a no! Because it’ll hurt my pride (laughs)!
Taemin: You’ll lose heart for sure (laughs)*.

* 間違いなく凹んじゃうね(笑)。You’ll lose heart [feel down/dejected] for sure (laughs)*: The sentence lacks a subject so he could be 1)referring to Minho specifically or 2) generalizing that such situation will make guys (including himself) loose heart as well. My first guess is the 1st option.
[PG 228]

Another Story of Us that Make Up SHINee

“I learned to sing up to C#, I became confident in my vocal range”

Q. When compared to your debut days, you’ve made remarkable vocal improvements as well but did you notice any changes? (have you felt the results?)
A. Recently, I feel like the key for my parts have gotten higher (laughs). I started to to think that I can stably vocalize at a higher register since 2 years ago, I think? Until then my limit was at around C but with practice I learned to sing up to around C#.
Q. In between Solo and SHINee’s dance, what kind of changes do you make?
A. When [performing as] SHINee, team work is important. I think about how the five [of us] appear [on stage], in a way, there are times when I save [my energy]. On the other hand, as a solo, I have to engage/captivate the audience by myself so I express [myself] while calculating where to release (explode) my energy.

“Recently, I’ve been writing (a) novel(s) about women and fragrances”

Q. Novels, lyrics and such, [we] heard you have an obsession with “words (language)”!
A. “I don’t recommend going to the ocean to search for treasures like a pirate. Because if [you] look at the sky, there is that. (Please) look at the sky a lot more than the ocean! Because you are in the sky” I wrote this in the memo with “Aurora” as a theme.
Q. If you were to write a novel or a poetry book on “fragrance” right now?
A. I’ll choose the warm and aromatic musk! Its a fragrance that I’ve liked for about 5 years, I have candles and perfumes in my room. In the (exact) novel I am writing right now, a woman is the protagonist and the story begins with the smell of body cream.

His third solo album is now on sale in Korea!
His 1st Full Album “She Is” is sweeping over Korea’s music charts! Surprised by by his talent as a lyricist and composer that is just a bit different from when he is [promoting as] SHINee

“I hydrate myself with plenty! of water before and after live performances”

Q.How do you maintain your throat condition on the day of a live performance?
A. I drink lots of water! Before the (live) performance. I don’t really do anything special. In the past, right after I had my vocal cord surgery I couldn’t sing as I wanted, but I’m [good] as ever recently! (I’ve returned to my former state)
Q. At Tokyo Dome, you sang the legendary opera once again but why did you think about performing the song again?
A. (He sang Opera Turandot’s Nessun Dorma at his first Korean concert in 2011). I wanted (to try) singing at a Dome as well. I deliberately decided on the same song. I wonder how it was (acts shy)?
Q. During last year’s Dome, you sang Hideaki Tokunaga’s Rainy Blue with Taemin playing the piano, do you have anyone else whose voice interests you in Japan?
A. Oda Kazumasa-san! I’ve always liked his voice…♪

“It was actually a secret at first that I was going to be in charge of  the live outfits even to the members”

Q.For this tour, you were in charge of all the outfit designs! Which one is your favorite?
A. At first, I didn’t plan on announcing that I was doing the outfit direction. I wondered how far I could go not as “SHINee’s Key” but as “Kim Kibum” who just likes fashion, so I secretly went to give a presentation to the people in charge of the company. For this [tour], my favorite is the patterned suits for the opening I wanted to make flamboyant outfits without using the live (concert) outfit staples that use glitter/sparkling materials, [so] I picked patterns that suited their character and taste.
Q. Anything you regret?
A. Actually, I wanted to ask (tell) the members “Can you also try wearing a more fresh outfit?”….I couldn’t say that this time (laughs). Of course I know their preferences…I am secretly thinking of asking (telling) [them] next time.

“We’ve never had a meal with just the five of us after a live (concert) so I would like to!”

Q. Always smiling, you are called the “God of Fanservice” from fans, but do you ever feel down?
A. Wow, I am called the “God of Fanservice” (laughs)! I’m happy that fans think [of me] that way ♪ Of course there are times when its hard, but I try to think positively.
Q. Recently, what kind of incident made you want to put on a smug face in spite of yourself?
A. Was there ~ (Thinking)? (Jonghyun: just now, you had a “smug face” while shooting! while holding a sandwich
♪) You’re watching~ (laughs)
Q. With Minho-san as the planner, [what would you plan] if you were to go out with your members?
A. Since it’s been getting hot, I would go on a drive to a cool (refreshing) beach (ocean) ♪ I will drive, and Onew-san who is reliable and a good driver will sit in  the passenger seat! The other three…they’re noisy so [they’ll sit] in the back (laughs).

-CanCam 2016 August Issue

trans: mredwardsanders


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