[Trans] 170414 “TAEMIN THE 1st STAGE Nippon Budokan” Application Information and Announcement


It has been decided that Taemin’s first solo stage, “TAEMIN THE 1st STAGE Nippon Budokan” will be held!!
A year after his solo debut last July, his first SOLO STAGE will finally be held!
Taemin himself is very happy that he is able to stand on the stage of the historic Nippon Budokan!
The performance for last year’s title track “Sayonara Hitroi” is a given, but the production of new songs for the concert is currently underway! Let’s welcome together the moment of Taemin’s new start!

***News on Taemin’s Japanese Official HP

170414 A Message from Taemin (1:06)

Hello, members of SHINee World J, this is Taemin~
Yes. I have news to tell everyone today.
I’ve been wanting to tell you for a long time so I’ve been restraining myself but it was decided my first solo stage will be held on the 1st and 2nd of July~ Whoooo~ An applause~ He he
The venue will be… THE Budou-kan..![1]
Yes. Because I want to show an appearance that is different from SHINee’s Taemin so I’m giving it all my thought on what kind of stage I should make it.
I would be happy if I am able to welcome that time with many of you.
Also, to accompany[2] the concert, I am preparing a new album.
Going to / Staying in Japan more than the other members, I’ve secretly been preparing. Please look forward to how the album will turn out!
I think I will have more opportunities to meet everyone through various activities [in the future]. Please look forward to Taemin hereafter. I ask for your support~
Well then, this was Taemin.

Staffs: Taemin who is currently busying himself with preparation for the concert and the production of the new songs.
He’s very fired up!
We kindly ask for everyone’s continued support!

[1] You won’t believe changed to THE (nanto) : Similar to Why when used as an interjection. I think “Behold!” would be a close translation in some contexts. THE in this setence, means “none other than,” but word “nanto” really means You won’t believe! or can you believe it?
[2] To accompany: for the concert

Message From Taemin [Video Uploaded on UMJ]


“Taemin (SHINee), his long yearned Nippon Budokan Solo Concert confirmed” M-ON! MUSIC
“SHINee Taemin, to perform 2 DAYS at Nippon Budokan” Music Natalie
“SHINee Taemin to hold his standalone 2 DAYS concert at Nippon Budokan in July. Also a video message from Taemin” Rockin’ On RO69
“Taemin’s (SHINee) Dream Realized! Solo Concert at Nippon Budokan Confirmed” Billboard Japan
“SHINee Taemin realizes his “dream” as a soloist and announces a new development” Model Press
“Taemin, his stand-alone Nippon Budokan concert confirmed!” Universal Music Japan

“Taemin (SHINee), his stand-alone Nippon Budokan concert confirmed!” T-SITE NEWS

TAEMIN THE 1st STAGE Nippon Budokan” FC Lottery Application Information

FC Priority Application (Lottery) Period
4/14/2017 15:00 (Fri) ~ 4/24/17 12:00 (Mon)

Concert Dates
7/1/2017 (Sat) Nippon Budokan Doors Open: 16:00 / Curtains rise 17:00
7/2/2017 (Sun) Nippon Budokan Doors Open: 13:00 / Curtains rise 14:00

Ticket Price
All Designated Seating 6,800 yen (Tax Included) / Ticket
*Lightstick not included.

System Usage Fee
800 yen (Tax Included) / Ticket

Application Restrictions
4 tickets per application per concert

Lottery Results Announed on
4/27/17 (Thu)


170407 SHINee World 2017 ~FIVE~ Encore Talk: Taemin’s Secret [Audio by Black and White @ black718_angel]
170407 Osaka – What was Taemin hinting at? [Link]
Taemin: Yes! Aaah~ everyone of Osaka! We met again after a really short time, didn’t we. I’m really happy but let’s have fun again before long. And, ummm, I will do my best for the remaining concerts. And ummm, …… Ah, this is a secret… yes (yup). (66
Key: Ahahaha! What is this!
Onew: Eh?
Key: Wooooow
Minho: Uwaaaah
Onew: Ehhhhh???
Key: Uwah uwah uwah uwah uwoooi
Minho: Ummm, it’s a secret?
Key: Well, I will ask him [when we get back to] the dressing room
Taemin: Ok, Minho-saan
Fans: Ehhhhhhhhhh!!!
Onew: Could it be…
Taemin: No, you can’t
Onew: Were you going to say that you love them or something like that?
Taemin: I don’t really say phrases like “I love you”
Key: You said it just now though
Taemin: Ok, Thank you ~ Please come to to-…tomorrow’s concert…
Key: haha
Onew: What kind of confidence(*)
Jonghyun: There are no tickets! Now (laughs)
Taemin: Yes

(*)I’m not sure what he meant by this. A slightly more literal translation would be “of what confidence”  He might have meant “where did you get your confidence from?” but i’m really not sure

170415 SHINee World 2017 ~FIVE~ Encore Talk: Taemin talks about his upcoming concert and album [Eng Sub] [Original Video by Onewfigure]

*All Time in JST


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