[Lyrics] Taemin – Flame of Love *With t/n

[Lyrics] Taemin – Flame of Love *With t/n

Your traces that almost seem within reach if I reached out my hands, they’re clouded by my tears
The setting sun and the rising moon miss each other like the two and call forth darkness

[the two = I’m not exactly sure who “the two” are | Miss Each other: as in physically ‘miss’ (pass by) each other, not in the emotional sense where you long for someone]

Slipping away from in between the fingers
Days of happiness turn into memories
I am still here left behind, unchanged

**Burning brightly crimson Flame of Love
Fragments of love soar above once again like fire sparks
Melting your heart, it will be kept aflame until then Flame of Love

No matter how brightly the stars shine, I’m reminded of you and I am only pained
If all things beautiful were to disappear, would I be able to forget?

Even if the song by the birds that set off in the morning when the moon dims brush against my ears
See I still remain trapped here by my love for you

[The original doesn’t actually specify which ‘love’ they’re talking about so it’s probably better to remain ambiguous ^^;; maybe “trapped here by love” would work? I think I saw juju’s translation say “captive of love” and I think that works better]

**(Repeat Chorus)

I hope that this undying flame can someday cast light on you gently… warmly
[The literal translation is “It will be great if….”]

**(Repeat Chorus)

**(Repeat Chorus)
It will be kept aflame until then Flame of Love

***Please do not retranslate
Lyrics transcription (based off the lyrics sheets in the album) by TAEM2D

Embrace →
cast light on (Edited on 6/28/17 4:05PM)
Stained → clouded (obscured) (Edited on 6/30/17 11:27AM)
I made more revisions on 7/15


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