[Lyrics] いつかここで Itsuka Kokode – Taemin

[Lyrics] いつかここで Itsuka Kokode – Taemin
*Title translation: Somewhere right here (at this place, here)

I have to go now
Even as I tell myself
Memories of you linger inside me, and I cling on to time
I will walk just slightly ahead
Because even when I start feeling lonely, if I close my eyes
Memories remain warm

Alt: Because even if you start to feel lonely, when you close your eyes
Memories will still be warm

Whether tomorrow will come
I can’t know
So let’s make something out of now that’s certain
By your side
Always at this place

“You don’t have to make promises anymore”
You put on a facade, but [tears] run down your cheeks
You act tough, [tears] run down your cheeks
“I’m fine, don’t worry”
Your words gradually sink in me
It’s a sign of our love, an audible form of love

I will go greet tomorrow myself
Try reaching out your hands

I hold you, my irreplaceable in my arms
Gently and tightly

Even if the unfeeling bell rings its sound all across
And tears us apart

Please tell you in the tomorrow
Please tell tomorrow’s you
“I love you”

Please don’t let go of this bright moment
Please don’t be sad
To my dearest days
To you, my dearest
Someday, right here
Someday, right here

t/n: This is the song Taemin explained that he feels expresses the relationship between him and his fans
Please tell you in the tomorrow: A more direct way of translating the phrase would be “I ask [__] to tell you in the tomorrow (tomorrow’s you)”


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