Final Life Ep.01 | Translation

2017 Tokyo

Ryo: Yeah yeah. I know. The ninth aircraft hanger at nine right? Hey!


[At the Heliport]
Kuroki: You’re surprisingly here on time
Ryo: What the hell calling me out to a place like this from the morning


Kuroki: Japanese police. Leave him with us.
–: Take good care of him. Song Sion.


[In the car]

Ryo: You Korean? Chinese? Tsk. Kuroki-san, have you been to Korea?
Kuroki: Ryo, focus on the road
Ryo: What’s with him anyways. You know him right?
Kuroki: I don’t really know him either
Ryo: I was just told to bring him safely to the MPD

Ryo: Seriously, give me a break already
Kuroki: Yeah, I know. But the fact that they’d come to us means there’s probably more to it
Ryo: What do you mean?
Kuroki: It means take one wrong step and you’re dead

Kuroki: (Turns back to look at Sion) Hey you. Can’t even say a word

Kuroki: What’s this. Traffic?
Ryo: What should we do?
Kuroki: Let’s get off
Ryo: And I suddenly got a call in the morning from Honda-san
Kuroki: What’s with that
Ryo: It’s not even all that important
Kuroki: That’s how it is most of the time


Ryo: What the hell! Hey!

[After the fight scene]


Ryo: What the hell is going on


Honda: Hey now
Ryo: Honda-san

Honda: Glad to see that you’re fine. But they sure sent us some treacherous gift
Sion: They’re not alone
Honda: What did you just say?
Sion: The perpetrator isn’t just one person


[In the car]


Honda: It’s unfortunate what happened to Kuroki
Ryo: It’s fine isn’t it. He did it knowing the risks. What is he anyways
Honda: A new member. He’s going to be with us from today
Ryo: Wait wait wait I’m not following this
Honda: ”We’re going to assign a qualified personnel to the special unit. Use him for the investigations…But ensure his safety.” That’s all I’ve been told from the higher-ups
Ryo: The hell is that
[Phone rings]
Honda: Yes. This is Honda. Understood. There was a bombing (explosion) at Chohu. We’re heading straight to the site
Ryo: What about him?
Honda: We can’t help it. I’ve been told to use him for the investigations


Risa: Leader (Chief), over here
Honda: The heck is this
Risa: Who’s he
Honda: He’s a new member
Risa: He’s still a kid
Honda: Hey Asada, what’s the situation?
Asada: Bombing in at least three locations. According to a report, the first bombing took place about 30 minutes ago
Risa: The victim is Higaishi Akira, 55 years old. The owner of this factory. The factory fell bankrupt a year ago and it’s as you can see
Ryo: He was killed before the explosion wasn’t he


[After moving inside the building]


Sion: In 10 minutes…. there will be another explosion
Honda: Ryo, follow Sion. Risa, Asada find the explosive


Ryo: Are you serious. Hey! We found it!

Ryo: Hey what are we going to do
Asada: Hold on
Ryo: What are we going to do
Asada: Hold on!
Risa: We only have 30 more seconds, hurry up!
Ryo: It’s red?
Asada: Probably
Ryo: IT’S RED?!
Asada: Probably
Risa: Hurry! It’s going to explode


Sion: It’s the blue one




Ryo: What’s with this room


Ryo: This?
—: Yes. It’s believed to be the victims
Ryo: Thanks



Ryo: Hey. How did you know it was here. Hey!

Risa: This is the victim’s house. Ishizaki-san? Is Ishizaki-san here?


Risa: There are kids here
Kids: Mom, where are you
Risa: I’m sorry. It’s okay now. I’m sorry
Kids: Mooom

Risa: Could you tell us your names?
Kids: Mom where are you
Kids: Mom

[Flashback Scene]



Honda: We’re going to have you use this room for a while






Kana: ♪ The stars reflected on the ocean that stretches beyond ♪ The sun that sleeps under a blanket of waves ♪  If you close your eyes, you will be off on a journey without time, gently rocked by a ship of dreams ♪

Kana: Morning Minjun. You were sleeping like a baby!
Minjun: I was up all night writing my paper on medical ethics
Kana: But I guess if I want straight-A’s I should be working as hard as you do. Do you really think I can become a doctor oneway?
Minjun: Of course kana. You will definitely become a good doctor
Kana: Minjun
Minjun: So Kana, do you know the legend about this tree? It says couples who propose beneath this tree stay together forever
Kana: Oh! Really?
Minjun: Not really. I just made it up
Kana: Hey!
Minjun: But…I believe it
Jim: Hey Minjun~! Let’s get a move on. Our clinical trial starts soon
Minjun: Jim, do you think we can cancel?
Jim: What? Are you crazy? We can’t just cancel at the last minute
Kana: Go ahead and do it Minjun
Minjun: But I don’t want to leave you yet
Kana: You should help Jim out. He’s your best friend right
Minjun: Ok if you say so
Jim: Thanks kana
Kana: You’re welcome

Kana: I’ll see you here at 3 o’clock the day after tomorrow
Minjun: Okay, see you then

Kana: It’s a promise. Don’t forget ok
Minjun: I promise. Caption: I won’t


–: Please sit down
Minjun: This is for the clinical trial right? Can I go to the men’s room?


Minjun: Hey hey hey hey what are you doing! Hey hey NO! Hey! NO! NO! Kana Kana



Customer: Thank you for the meal
Kana: Thank you. We hope to see you soon

Note: This was mostly done by ear but I used TAEM2D’s translation for the word “aircraft hanger” in Ryo’s very first line, which I was initially unable to make out by ear.