171020 J-WAVE Sugar Water: Sugawara Koharu about MOVE

171020 J-WAVE Sugar Water: Sugawara Koharu about MOVE [Twitter Post]
Transcription: @uepomme

The music video of Taemin’s new song “MOVE” was released. The one for Korea. It’s my 3rd time. Being in charge of a choreography [for Taemin’s release]. Of the three [music videos] that were released simultaneously, there is a version with Taemin and me; there’s also one where Taemin and I are dancing together. But every time, we don’t have time. Even though we didn’t have much time, I still really wanted to make it perfect (the best), and I really wanted to bring out a Taemin that was different from the previous two releases. I thought about it, and I thought that fans and everyone knew about Taemin who danced energetically, filled with energy so [I went for] something different; like Taemin’s androgynous sensuality (seductiveness), and/or making him appear somewhat feminine and mysterious even though he’s male (a man). Like [situated in] the middle? He’s dancing to “MOVE” coolly, but it doesn’t really matter if you’re a woman or a man. Because [the song] had such a cool melody, I was thinking about [how it would be] if Taemin [did it] that way. I wanted to bring out an even more matured, and in a good way – a sensuality (seductiveness) that was in between. I was making the choreography thinking about that kind of “MOVE.” So it’s really intricately detailed, and before, I would place meaning to each and every phrase of the lyrics but since [the song] was in Korean this time and I couldn’t understand a single phrase, I just thought about the melody and how Taemin should be. As I worked on the choreography thinking that maybe the fans who love Taemin will be able to see a different side of him, the choreography turned out this way.

I always end up dancing [to a choreography / in a way] that just releases everything to the outside, and that sort of thing, if anything is also Taemin’s specialty/forte, so I wanted [him] to do a dance that kept everything close to the body. I also wanted to do that. I wondered how it’d be to add that to Taemin’s dance repertoire. [The choreography] isn’t all that dynamic this time and I thought it would be interesting if everyone could have a close look at / watch intimately Taemin’s [body] line, the single line that he has as a person. We filmed it in Korea but Taemin was so busy so. How many times did we practice this? About two times. I really didn’t get much time to teach him the choreography[2]. I thought that he really is a hard worker [seeing his] his ability to take it onto himself despite not having much time. He practiced it a lot when he was over there, in Korea. I think during his tour. Taemin really hasn’t done [dances] with movements kept close to the [body] line so he said that he had a hard time putting out strength/power. He kept saying how difficult it was but he was doing it really well like I expected. It made me think, ‘so he can do it.[2]’

[1] The literal translation of “Furi-Utsushi” is “copying the choreography.” It refers to when the person learning the dance shadows the movements of the one teaching it to learn the choreography. (They show clips of this in Taemin’s FOL shooting sketch) I think “teaching the choreography” captures that to the degree but the original word in jp is a little more specific.
[2] So he can do it: He can do it after all, he can do it as I thought, see he can do it.


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