131008 BMU Special Event Fanaccount: JongTae

Just a fanaccount I came across today^^ (Translated several variations of it)

They were asked what they would want to be if they could change [into something / someone] for a day, and Master Otemu(*Taemin) answered “Water.” Jjong said in response, “I would drink it.”

*Otemu – Kind of like a nickname for Taemin

[BMU Release Event * Fanaccount]
Q: If you could be [anything] for a day, what would you be?
Taemin: Water OP: I don’t get it
Jjong: I would drink that water
Taemin: (A fan / Fans said to him, “Banana Milk” so he pointed in their direction) That’s a good [idea]!! Banana milk!! Strawberry milk
Jjong: Taemin-kun loves milk♡

T/N: This is probably a liberal translations but OP’s “I don’t get it” could be translated as “wtf” (‘ v ‘;) … or “What is he saying.”

Release Even Fukuoka 1008
Q. If you could even become a person, an object or an animal, what would you be?
Taemin: Water! Water! (He answered immediately)
Jjong: Than I will drink that water
OP: JongTaem 。゚(゚^ω^゚)゚。♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

BMU Release Even @ Fukuoka
Q. If you could start your life anew [as anything]?(*)
T: Water!
J: Then I would drink that!
T: The ocean!

When the audience said to Taemin, “Milk! Banana Milk! (in KR)” Taemin-san responded emphatically, “That’s a nice [idea]!!! Milk (*in KR)! Milk (*in JP)!!”

Also after that he said, “Strawberry Milk!” (laughs)

(*) Be born as something / someone else?

To the question,
What do you want to be for a day?
Taemin: “I will become water”
OP: don’t get it.
Jjong: “Then, I will drink that”
OP: don’t get it.

T/N: (Bringing this back) This is probably a liberal translations but OP’s “I don’t get it” could be translated as “wtf” (‘ v ‘;) – or “What is he saying.”

[BMU Release Event Dates]

OP = Original Poster

Strawberry Milk = Ichigo Uyu (JP + KR)
Banana Milk = Banana Uyu (KR)
Milk (in JP) = Gyunyu


171223 SWJ Update: Regarding “SHINee WORLD THE BEST 2018 ~FROM NOW ON~”


To SHINee WORLD J members

We thank you for always supporting SHINee.

Although we’re in a position where we should be notifying all of you our plans regarding “SHINee WORLD THE BEST 2018 ~FROM NOW ON~” that we announced just recently, the members and staffs are all grieving [for Jonghyun] to the extent we are unable to accept reality.

We plan on sincerely considering ways to support SHINee from here on, respecting the members feelings and wishes who are facing this sad incident to the best of their ability.[1]

We are aware that it will deeply worry and trouble all of you who always support SHINee, however we would be grateful if you could give us some more time.

In line with this, after discussing with everyone, we will notify you regarding our future plans. We sincerely ask for your understanding.

[1] Alternative: We plan on respecting the members feelings and wishes who are dealing with this sad incident to the best of their ability, and will sincerely consider ways to support SHINee from here on. Previously it was: To respect the members…
[!!] Note: Considering the comma that comes after “精一杯,” the sentence might have meant, “We plan on sincerely considering ways to support SHINee from here on to the best of our ability, respecting the members feelings and wishes who are facing this sad incident.” OR “We plan on respecting the members feelings and wishes who are dealing with this sad incident, and will sincerely consider ways to support SHINee from here on to the best of our ability.



先日、開催告知をさせて頂きました「SHINee WORLD THE BEST 2018 ~FROM NOW ON~」に関しまして皆様へは今後の予定をお伝えしなければいけない状況ではございますが、メンバー、スタッフ一同まだ現実を受け入れられないほど胸を痛めております。




171215 “SHINee WORLD THE BEST 2018 ~FROM NOW ON~” concerts will be held at Tokyo Dome・Kyocera Dome!!


“SHINee WORLD THE BEST 2018 ~FROM NOW ON~” concerts will be held at Tokyo Dome・Kyocera Dome!!


It has been decided that SHINee will be holding their BEST LIVE concert in culmination of their activities in Japan!!
It has been decided that they will be holding their stand-alone concert in February 2018 at Tokyo Dome and Kyocera Dome!
As the title, “SHINee WORLD THE BEST 2018 ~FROM NOW ON~” indicates, it is SHINee’s first ever “THE BEST (live concert)” so please look forward to “THE BEST” stages as presented by the five members!
We look forward to receiving many applications from everyone!!

*Please read the details and notes below as well as the important notes detailed on the application website.

■ Fanclub Priority Application Period [Closed]
12/15 Fri 15:00 ~ 12/24 (Sun) 23:59
※By lottery

■ Fanclub Priority Application Period Second Round
1/12 (Fri) 12:00 ~ 1/14 (Sun) 23:59
※By lottery
※Announced on 1/12/18

■ Concert Dates
2/17/2018 (Sat) Kyocera Dome Osaka
15:00 Doors Open/17:00 Curtains Rise

2/18/2018 (Sun) Kyocera Dome Osaka
13:00 Doors Open/15:00 Curtains Rise

2/26/2018 (Mon) Tokyo Dome
16:00 Doors Open/18:00 Curtains Rise

2/27/2018 (Tue) Tokyo Dome
16:00 Doors Open/18:00 Curtains Rise
※Times subject to change.

■ Ticket Price
All Designated Seating 9,500 yen (Tax inc) / Ticket
※Due to performance restrains/reason, lightsticks will not be included.

■ System Usage Fee
800 Yen (Tax Inc) / Ticket

■ Ticket Purchase Restrictions
4 Tickets per concert per application

■ Eligible Members
SHINee WORLD J Members

*Please make sure you’re able to receive emails from the domain “@tickebo.jp” “@shineeworld-j.com.”

■ Notes / Precautions
*Requires ticket board account (free) – even for those receiving the distribution ticket
*Your SWJ membership info will be disclosed to ticket board
*If your personal information on SWJ and tickebo do not match, or if they cannot confirm your identity, your application may be ineffective.
*Fanclub priority application is by lottery
*Must pay if 3 or older
*Will only accept mobile digital tickets (will need a phone)
*Will need to download 1 ticket on your phone
*One ticket per phone
*May be denied entry if you are not the legitimate owner of the ticket
*Trading tickets is prohibited
*May be denied entry for giving others your user ID / Password, logging in with and downloading a ticket from someone else’s account, acting as someone other than yourself, changing the name on your account. Your membership may be suspended.
*Will not accept any changes, cancellations or refunds.
*Please refer to the application website for other important notes.

■ Fanclub Priority Application Website

※Please apply on your phone / smart phones.


SHINee.jp[1]SHINee.jp[2]SWJ SHINee WORLD 2018SHINee.jp [3]SWJ Event Schedule [1]SWJ Event Schedule [2]

171214 FC+ Update: Minho

171214 FC+ Update: Minho

It’s been a while, everyone!
I had my birthday on December 9th, and I turned 27 in Korean age, 26 in Japanese age.
I received many birthday wishes from everyone.
I’m really happy that I was able to spend a happy (great) time.
Thank you~!

Now, my new drama has started in Korea and I’m busy everyday but once again with a new role, dependable senior actors, friends/colleagues, and staffs, I’m spending my time productively / in a fulfilling manner!

I think you’ll be able to see a different side of me so please give me a lot of support!

And it’s getting gold so be careful of the cold too~!


171214 J-WAVE STEP ONE – TAEMIN Comment

Taemin: Listeners of J-WAVE STEP ONE, Sascha-san, Teri-san(*), hello, I’m Taemin. The song that I got most into in 2017 is the song that also became a hot topic for being a collaboration with Justin Bieber, “Despacito.” Thisi s a song that I often listen to when I work out at the gym and I think it’s a song whose latin melody, guitar and vocals all come together nicely. Well then, I want to share this music(**) as a gift song for the listeners. The Blu-ray and DVD for my, Taemin’s solo stage, the Budokan concert, is on sale, so please check it out. Well then, this was Taemin~. Bye bye~

(*) I’m not sure if I got the name right. The name of the assistant is Teruoka Ayumi, so it might be her nickname.
(**) He said “muisc share” – it might have been a term the people on the radio use.


テミン: J-WAVE STEP ONEをお聴きの皆さん、サッシャさん、てりさん(*)、こんにちは、テミンでーす。僕が2017年最もハマった曲はJustin Beiberのコラボでも話題になったDespacitoです。この曲はジムで運動する時によく聞く曲ですけど、ラテンのメロディーとギター、ボーカル、全てがバランスよく相まった(*)曲だと思います。ということで!この曲をリスナーの皆さんへのGift SongとしてMusic Sahreをしたいと思います。そして、僕、テミンの初めてのソロステージ、武道館公演のBlu-ray/DVDが発売されてますので、是非、チェックしてみてください。それでは、テミンでした〜。バイバイ〜66


Audio from: shinette0718

161215「FNS Kayousai」Appearance & Onew’s Birthday☆

FC Board Update

「FNS Kayousai」Appearance & Onew’s Birthday☆

Everyone in SHINee WORD J, Hello!
Yesterday, we performed at “FNS Kayousai”!!

We performed two songs, “Wonderful Christmas Time” for the Christmas Medley, and “Everybody.”
It seems that very many people watched the broadcast and cheered for us.
Everyone, thank you for sending them a lot of support / cheers!

It seems that the members were a bit nervous but it looks like they were able to enjoy the stage[1].
After finishing, they came back to the dressing room as they clapped, saying “Thank you for your hard work~!!” with a huge smile!
It would be great happy if many more people can learn about SHINee through this opportunity (right)![2]
With such members, we took a photo to remember this appearance![3]


Also, this was posted (updated) on Key’s Instagram but we celebrated Onew’s birthday at the dressing room!!
Onew who became 27 in Japan (28 in Korea).
He said “I’m happy that I’m able to spend my birthday with everyone, that I’m able to appear / perform on FNS Kayousai!” ^^
All of your congratulatory wishes have properly reached Onew~[4]
To such Onew, we gave him an original cake from SHINee WORLD J♪


And together with Onew♪


Onew, who took this cake home carefully.
It seems that he ate it together with everyone after returning home^^

We hope that it’ll be an year filled with many wonderful memories for Onew…☆

[1] enjoy themselves while performing / doing the stage
[2] Would be great: makes us happy
[3] Commemorative Photo
[4] Wishes: feelings

FNS歌謡祭<3 feat. jong

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寮ではないけどw , happy b day

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