161215「FNS Kayousai」Appearance & Onew’s Birthday☆

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「FNS Kayousai」Appearance & Onew’s Birthday☆

Everyone in SHINee WORD J, Hello!
Yesterday, we performed at “FNS Kayousai”!!

We performed two songs, “Wonderful Christmas Time” for the Christmas Medley, and “Everybody.”
It seems that very many people watched the broadcast and cheered for us.
Everyone, thank you for sending them a lot of support / cheers!

It seems that the members were a bit nervous but it looks like they were able to enjoy the stage[1].
After finishing, they came back to the dressing room as they clapped, saying “Thank you for your hard work~!!” with a huge smile!
It would be great happy if many more people can learn about SHINee through this opportunity (right)![2]
With such members, we took a photo to remember this appearance![3]


Also, this was posted (updated) on Key’s Instagram but we celebrated Onew’s birthday at the dressing room!!
Onew who became 27 in Japan (28 in Korea).
He said “I’m happy that I’m able to spend my birthday with everyone, that I’m able to appear / perform on FNS Kayousai!” ^^
All of your congratulatory wishes have properly reached Onew~[4]
To such Onew, we gave him an original cake from SHINee WORLD J♪


And together with Onew♪


Onew, who took this cake home carefully.
It seems that he ate it together with everyone after returning home^^

We hope that it’ll be an year filled with many wonderful memories for Onew…☆

[1] enjoy themselves while performing / doing the stage
[2] Would be great: makes us happy
[3] Commemorative Photo
[4] Wishes: feelings

FNS歌謡祭<3 feat. jong

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寮ではないけどw , happy b day

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