161215「FNS Kayousai」Appearance & Onew’s Birthday☆

FC Board Update 2016-12-15 「FNS Kayousai」Appearance & Onew’s Birthday☆ Everyone in SHINee WORD J, Hello! Yesterday, we performed at “FNS Kayousai”!! We performed two songs, “Wonderful Christmas Time” for the Christmas Medley, and “Everybody.” It seems that very many people watched the broadcast and cheered for us. Everyone, thank you for sending them a lot […]

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[TRANS] CanCam 2016 August Issue

[TRANS] CanCam 2016 August Issue [PG 223] (From left in the photo) Key, Jonghyun, Minho, Taemin, Onew made their Korean debut as a 5 member group in 2008, and their Japanese debut in June 2011♥ Last year, they successfully completed their Tokyo Dome 2 Days performance, a dream of both the members’ and the fans’! […]

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